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Rightcare Property Investments HMO Offering

We are specialists in sourcing high yielding residential properties including HMO’s (House of Multiple Occupation) RPI source, negotiate, refurbish and manage, on your behalf to provide you with cash flow positive assets.
HMO’s are the new buzzword in the buy-to-let market. In the present property market more and more investors are focusing their strategies on positive monthly cash flow or a passive income.
HMO Property Investments
RPI help you build your own HMO portfolio and offer a service that capitalises on experience and profitable business systems. Our services are aimed specifically towards serious investors keen to own property in the UK market and make a good investment for the future through RPI management or the day to day “hands – on” management and maintenance, either way RPI are here to help as required.

If you are either an HMO landlord looking to sell your HMO property or you are an investor looking to buy an HMO Investment property you are in the right place. At any one time we have a number of HMO properties for sale and if we don’t have one we offer a bespoke HMO property sourcing service to cater for your needs.

We even build converted single dwellings into HMO properties, including the management and completion of HMO licensing, HMO planning and are able to connect our clients with our partners who have many years of experience obtaining HMO mortgages.

How does it all work?

Here at RPI we specialise in sourcing existing HMO’s and properties that can be altered to HMO. We have excellent relationships with Landlords looking to sell high yielding HMO and Multi-Let properties, so specialise in putting together the right package for investors, including finance, property sourcing, refurbishment, tenant finding and management if required, , that allow the investor to have a simple, clean and hands on or off experience of high yielding property investment.

What is an HMO?

A HMO is a multiple tenancy property which is let out, or rented to a least three people at a time, who are not all from the same family. The property should feature a communal area and shared facilities such as a kitchen and bathroom.
They are often more profitable than other types of property investments as there is more than one rental income. This also means that if you are looking to diversify and spread you risk HMO’s are a great investment choice and are a good way to maximise rental yield.

Our service is tailor made to fit your requirements, we do not handle any of your cash, and we are not a fund or a scheme. You have complete control over your investment.

We have no tie in or fixed agreements. We have all the necessary skills and disciplines in-house to fully manage our client’s properties, with a combined total of over 50 years’ experience in the property sector. All our contracts and deals are tailor made with each new client and are made in such a way that both parties walk away happy, safe and content.

Joint Venture & Financing Opportunities

Do you have cash reserves available to invest? Are you looking for good returns on your money but don’t want to tie it up for the long term?

We continuously have short term projects available which require private finance, JV and development funding with excellent returns.

If you have cash reserves available and you would like us to notify you of JV private and finance opportunities to earn healthy returns on your capital, please get in touch to discuss in more detail.

We have an established panel of solicitors that are experienced at drawing up the loan agreements, charges and deeds and will always make sure that the private finance is fully briefed on the security of any individual deal.