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Rightcare Property Management

At RPI we provide a fast, efficient, full property management service. With a single point of contact, we have dedicated experts for every aspect of the property investment process.

We can assist you with sourcing the best buy-to-let mortgages to help your assets grow.

We will monitor and report capital values on an annual basis to keep you informed of the current market value of your properties.

We will handle all parts of the rental process, from finding and vetting tenants, to deposit and rent collection, to rent reviews and dispute procedures.

We will handle all maintenance matters, from planning permission for rebuilds through to dripping taps.

We can improve the quality of your housing stock through redesign and refurbishment.

We will manage statutory obligations like local government registration, safety certificates, rent-protection insurance, if requested, and council tax regulations.

Transparency is at the heart of everything that we do.

Following the initial contact, be that via a face to face meeting or by phone, we will establish what the investor is looking to achieve from their investment and over what period.

Once we have established the investment strategy we will start the process which is outlined below:

  1. Source property
  2. Sign contract with investor
  3. Instruct solicitors
  4. Monies deposited in solicitors client account
  5. Source tenant in advance of legal completion
  6. On completion, put property under full management (Subject to investors agreement)
  7. Provide full management and maintenance after 12 months subject to agreement with LL/Investor
  8. Arrange to sell the property if and when required by the LL/Investor.